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If five years ago cryptocurrencies were a curiosity for the average consumer, then today you will not surprise anyone with them. They are exchanged, sold and even used for gaming purposes. The modern gambling industry has adapted relatively quickly to modern trends, and today any connoisseur of excitement can use Ethereum to play. This solution has many advantages, which we will discuss in detail below.

Benefits of playing at an Ethereum casino

  • Anonymity. Even the casino itself will not know absolutely no information about you, except for what you yourself indicate in your profile. This is especially true for players in countries where gambling is prohibited.
  • Responsiveness. Transactions using Ethereum are carried out much faster than in the case of using classical money.
  • Economic benefit. When carrying out transactions related to cryptocurrencies, there is either no commission at all, or it is insignificant.
  • Security. In a classic casino, you cannot be sure of the honesty of the game algorithms. Establishments that accept cryptocurrencies provide such an opportunity. It is provided by the Provably fair system. Using such a system, the client can check the fairness of the game move at any time.
  • High chance of winning. A point that follows smoothly from the previous one. Casinos that accept cryptocurrencies are honest, so the likelihood that the client will receive a win is higher.

If you are afraid of losing your Ethereum when making transactions, do not worry. All transactions are securely protected by smart contracts, so your funds will certainly reach the deposit at the casino.

General information about Ethereum

Ethereum appeared in 2013. Its creator is Vitaly Buterin. At that time it was only a concept, but already in 2014 a full-fledged program of a new digital currency was created. Another six months - and Ethereum was sold in the amount of 14 million dollars! After that, many improvements and changes were made to the concept.

The difference between Ethereum is that its system allows you to conduct transactions with any asset. Thus, this currency can be used not only for buying and selling something, but also for exchanging resources, as well as making deals between two parties.

Recently, the total capitalization of Ethereum exceeded $50 billion, and the popularity of this digital currency is growing all the time. Collapse

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